Where do you put a TV in the Kitchen?

If  you’re one of those people who like having the TV on while eating or fixing a meal, then planning for the location of the TV is something that should be done before you begin construction, not after you have completed construction.  Things like power outlets, cable boxes (or receivers), coax cables, DVD player, antennas, and proper cooling all need to be accounted for, in determining the location. 

The most important thing to consider is where are you going to be watching it from?  If you want to watch it while prepping/cooking or eating, then it should be visible from all those locations.  Make sure it’s not too steep an angle at close range, or the picture quality may suffer dramatically (such as over a doorway or fridge and within 2 or 3  feet of where you’ll be standing).  Next, try to select a location that doesn’t take up prime real estate.   Some popular areas include over the fridge cabinet, corner of the countertop, swivel under-the-cabinet, over the pantry door, on the wall (even in an adjacent room), and on the kitchen desk.  If none of these options work out, then consider using a small overhead cabinet (prime real estate), possibly over the oven (caution – the heat from the ovens may shorten the life of the unit), on top of upper cabinets if there is space there, or on the backsplash (possible splatters and may be awkward to see when sanding up).

If you also use a computer in your kitchen (great for storing recipes, accessing epicurious.com, etc…), consider the option of using a computer that has a built in tuner in the monitor, an iMac with an eyeTV module that plugs into a USB port in the back and hooks up to cable, or a laptop with slingbox to stream TV (no wires).  With a PC/TV combo consider getting a cordless keyboard and mouse.  Having the TV on the computer will reduce electronic clutter and save valuable real estate, but may be a problem if you want to use the computer while watching TV. 

Still having a difficult time deciding, or want the cool factor?  Then consider a  motorized lift that would raise the TV from under the counter or flip/drop down from the ceiling. (www.auton.com)

As for cable boxes, satellite receivers, and small indoor antennas, here are some possible locations:

1.     TV in the corner – may be put behind the tv or in the upper or lower corner cabinet and use an infrared remote for the cable box/receiver. 

2.     TV over fridge – may be put behind tv and use an infrared remote for the cable box/receiver.

3.     TV over doorway – if the doorway is a pantry doorway, then consider mounting the cable box/receiver/antenna on the other side of the wall, and use an infrared remote.

4.     TV on wall or backsplash – put in a recessed nook behind the TV, on a mount behind the tv, or on the other side of the wall, and use an infrared remote.  http://www.innovativeamericans.com/?gclid=CPO_j4SGtLICFeuiPAod9VgA8Q#!home/mainPage

5.     TV on Kitchen desk – behind the TV or under the desk counter

6.     TV Swivel under cabinet – May be able to also mount under the cabinet next to the TV or on the other side of the wall and use an infrared remote

TV over oven/in or on upper cabinets  – in or on the cabinet 

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